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Rehabilitation is indicated for people who, following an accident or illness, have limited hand function and ability to carry out their activities, whether professional or private.

The aim of the treatment is to recover the ability to move, sensitivity, control of the environment and autonomy as far as possible.

Occupational rehabilitation, as well as any apparatus which may be necessary, will allow you to regain the use of your hand more rapidly and completely.

In order to ensure this, we have different means of treatment available:

  • Exercises designed according to the type of lesion
  • Passive mobilisation, by the therapist or on a mobilisation device
  • Massages, treatment of scars and trophic disorders
  • Pain control, physical treatments
  • Improved sensitivity during hyper- or hyposensitivity
  • Muscular neurostimulation
  • Training for strength, dexterity, manual skill, endurance
  • Proposed exercises for performance at home
  • Tips for carrying out daily, professional and leisure activities
  • Design of splints with the aim of protecting joints, immobilisation and exercises for recovering mobility.
  • Proprioceptive and postural work in cases of muscle overload/overuse (cramps, dystonias)

The active participation of the patient throughout rehabilitation is an important favourable factor in the healing process.

The best results after a hand injury or condition are obtained by the joint action of the patient, surgeon and therapists. The surgeon and therapists will be able to provide the necessary advice for carrying out rehabilitation and providing relief and comfort.

Occupational therapy services and equipment are covered by insurance (disease and accident).

The occupational therapy department participates in the training of occupational therapist students through practical internships, in collaboration with the Hautes Ecoles Spécialisées romandes [University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland] (HES-SO).

You can call us on +41 22 595 08 24 or contact us via e-mail at the following addresses:

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