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Géraldine Schock

Medical Secretary to Dr S. Kämpfen

Administrative manager

gschock@cliniquemain-geneve.ch +41 22 595 08 23

Mélanie Méric

Medical Secretary to Dr M. Papaloïzos

mmeric@cliniquemain-geneve.ch +41 22 595 08 20

Marie-Rose Pascarella

Medical Secretary to Dr P. Cuénod

mrpascarella@cliniquemain-geneve.ch +41 22 595 08 21

Céline Tornier

Medical Secretary to Dr. K. Vakalopoulos

ctornier@cliniquemain-geneve.ch +41 22 595 08 86

Céline TornierMonique Vernisse

Deborah Mascali

Secretaries to the Chief Clinical Officers

mvernisse@cliniquemain-geneve.ch + 41 22 595 08 22 dmascali@cliniquemain-geneve.ch +41 22 807 08 35

Communication by e-mail is preferred as to limit waiting times on the telephone. We will respond to your emails in a timely fashion.

Laetitia Maurer

Claire Uwimana  

Jessica Summa

Stephanie Bois

Medical Secretary & Reception Manager

sbois@cliniquemain-geneve.ch +41 22 595 08 28

Secretaries and receptionists are here to help you and to answer all of your administrative questions (appointments, insurance, time off work, etc.), with the exception of billing questions

Please bring all of the documents relating to the medical problem(s) forming the object of your consultation, as well as your insurance card and/or accident declaration.